Cell Cycle
Below you will find some notes and instructions on all the elements of the app. If you have any additional questions please email us at hello@n-e-r-v-o-u-s.com

Navigation and Subdividing Cells

You can use your mouse to do several things. Subdividing cells is a way to uniquely pattern your model.
Basic Structure
The 2-LAYER and 1-LAYER boxes toggle between your mesh being made of two layers of pattern or just one.

Use the sliders in this section of the menu to control how many cells are in the starting mesh. Both the inside and outside surfaces will have the same number of horizontal cells but they can have a different number of vertical cells.

None of the settings in this section will be applied to the model until you press REBUILD

When you rebuild you will lose your pattern of subdivisions (if any) that you made by clicking in the cells, the rest of the information will be retained.

You can use the drop down CHOOSE A SIZE menu to select ring size 5,6,7, or 8 or a bangle bracelet sizes S, M, L. By changing the size, you are simply changing the interior diameter of the piece where a finger, wrist, or whatever would go.

You can also create custom sizes by selecting size custom from the drop down menu. This allows you to access the Diameter slider.

The diameter slider changes the interior diameter. It is only accessible when size custom is selected.

Need help translating your ring size into a diameter? Check out this handy table from Wikipedia: Conversion chart for ring sizes

The thickness slider controls the base / maximum thickness of the members of your design. When you subdivide cells the thickness will be gradually decrease in the subdivided areas.

thickness guidelines
  • BRACELETS // nylon - no less than 2.5mm
  • BRACELETS // silver - no less than 2.0mm
  • RINGS // all materials - thickness can go down to 1.1mm

If you choose to ignore these recommendations your printed part may be quite fragile. We cannot take responsible for its strength if you ignore the guidelines. Please use common sense while configuring your piece, thicker is always stronger.

The two roundness sliders change how round or bulbous the two meshes are. These can have dramatically different effects on the mesh based on the twist and diameter of your creation so tweak them slowly. Increasing the roundness will increase the space between the two layers of pattern for 2-layer models.
2D View
The 2d view can be used to change the height of your model, subdivide its cells, and change its edge curves.
The CHOOSE A MATERIAL drop down menu allows you to select from four 3d-printed materials. All of these are suitable to be jewelry. The nylons are suitable for lamps and other items too.
STERLING SILVER designs can have a maximum size of 150mm X 30mm (5.90in X 1.18in).

Here are some photographs of finished 3d-printed designs to give you a sense of the materials.

The price of your model is calculated as you work. It's based on how much material your design uses. So smaller models will cost less than bigger ones.

Save / Share

Clicking the SAVE / SHARE button will save your model to our server. You will be presented with a link you can use to share your model with others. You can also use this link to return to your design to work on it more later. We will only store your design on our server for 2 weeks. Only models that are actually ordered will be stored permanently.