Nervous System weekly roundup 12/31/12-01/6/13

We’re starting a new tradition at Nervous System of sharing the work we do each week. Although the timing may be suspect, this is not a new years resolution, just something we happened to think of while on holiday. Here’s a summary of week 1.

differential growth

Jesse has begun working on a new design system based on models of differential growth. Currently, it’s just at the phase of initial implementation and conceptualization.

Nathan added a search box on our website with autocomplete, so you can more easily find what you are looking for. Or you can look for everything that comes in black and is 3D-printed.

Jessica is playing with our old barnacle sketch in new ways. She’s looking into making some neat organic animations and colored 3D prints.

new email

Aaron has created a new email address for organizing all the supplies and manufacturers we work with.

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