Herding Cats and A Hoot of Many Colors

vibrant animal puzzles packed with animal-shaped pieces

Engagement Rings

Our engagement rings fuse art, science and technology

Eclipse Puzzle

turn day to night with this reconfigurable puzzle

Reaction Jewelry

Reaction is a 3d-printed jewelry collection inspired by biological morphogenesis

Spectre Tile Puzzle

a wooden puzzle and mathematical toy

Puzzle Cell Lamp

lighting that fits together like a puzzle

Geode Jigsaw Puzzles

laser cut plywood jigsaw puzzles inspired by rock formation


Intricate jewelry inspired by cellular structures in brass and rubber


Our collection inspired by the blooming of flowers

Hyphae Lamp

3D printed lighting inspired by leaf veins

design your own

create custom jewelry designs with our web-based apps

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Our work at Nervous System combines scientific research, computer graphics, mathematics, and digital fabrication to explore a new paradigm of product design and manufacture. Instead of designing objects, we craft computational systems that result in a myriad of distinct creations. These forms are realized using computer-controlled manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC routing.
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Dendrite earrings Dendrite
Radiolaria necklace Radiolaria
filament Necklace Algae
interstice bracelet Cell Cycle
cluster pendant Xylem
Reaction Lamp Reaction
Spiral Earrings Hyphae
Large Phraxis Pendant Ammonite
Radial Puzzle Series Generative Jigsaw Puzzles
Smooth Kinematics 116n Kinematics
Micro Flora Ring Florescence
Hyphae Calyx Lamp Labs
calyx pendant Corollaria
Porifera Pendant Porifera
Puzzle Cell Lamp Lighting
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1-layer twist ring 1-layer twist ring
Custom Cell Cycle Ring Custom Cell Cycle Ring
Spiral Earrings Spiral Earrings
Vessel Earrings Vessel Earrings
Vessel Pendant Vessel Pendant
Subdivision Cuff Subdivision Cuff
Flora Ring Flora Ring
Celosia Cuff Celosia Cuff