A Hoot of Many Colors – a wooden puzzle for birders

Hoo’s ready for a puzzling adventure? A Hoot of Many Colors is a vibrant wooden jigsaw puzzle featuring a Great Horned Owl, with over twenty whimsical birds hidden inside. This avian puzzle is the feathered successor to our popular Herding Cats jigsaw puzzle. Owl you need is some patience and a keen eye as you solve this challenging and egg-citing puzzle. Perfect for bird lovers and puzzle enthusiasts, this intricate design is sure to be a real hoot!

After the success of our cat puzzle, we’ve had many requests for a follow up (okay mostly for a dog puzzle, don’t worry it’s coming). Now we finally have a second in this series of animal themed puzzles made in collaboration with Anne Sullivan. And what better successor than the cats of the sky, owls? We had a lot of fun creating many new bird whimsies for this puzzle featuring intricate plumage. For the sake of variety and inclusiveness, we have several non-owl birds as well. Many of these new whimsies are now available in our Custom Puzzle app (do we need an entire bird section?). For all you birders out there, if you still want to hunt for hidden feathers on a rainy day, stay inside and try to find where all these bird pieces go instead.

Shoutout to Justin who, when he’s not making puzzles in our studio, creates chill beats under the moniker stønefruit. He composed the music for both this puzzle and the Herding Cats puzzle. Watch till the end of the video to catch his own owl field recordings.

A Hoot of Many Colors puzzle (171 pieces, $65) is available now in our shop and is made entirely at our studio in New York’s Catskill mountains. You can view our full range of challenging and imaginative wooden puzzles here.

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