nervous system’s reef

I’ve always been fascinated by coral. At first, for the otherworldly environments they create on the ocean floor. And later, for a whole range of reasons including their fascinating biological relationship with photosynthesizing algal symbionts, their geologically significant reef building biomineralization activity, and bizarre, modular growth habits.

For years I’ve been going to public aquariums and photographing corals through the glass. But, I figured that having my own aquarium would make it possible for me to carefully observe the growth processes of different species. Three weeks ago I setup my first saltwater aquarium. It sits at the entrance to the Nervous System office. And currently houses 6 coral colonies, 4 snails, and 2 sexy shrimp (yes that is actually the common name of this species).

Today I introduce you to two of the coral colonies living in our tank via short videos I shot last night. Each was shot in real time with a macro lens.

Next week I’ll introduce you to some of the other inhabitants. I also hope to do some projects in the coming year centered around our tank’s inhabitants as they grow.

For all you aquarium nerds out there here are the tank specs: Elos Mini 20 gallon cube aquarium with Elos Sump, Elos PS200 Needlewheel Skimmer, Elos Osmocontroller 2 auto top off, Ecoxotic 18” Panorama Pro LED Fixture, Vortech MP10 powerhead.

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