lily pad table

Here are some sketches for a table we’ve been working on for the past few days.

The basic idea behind it is to create a flat-pak, lasercut table composed of a complex, 3 dimensional branching structure that supports several lily pad-like plexiglass surfaces. One of the main issues we faced at first was how to join the flat pieces 3-dimensionally. At first we considered a system of notches but results seemed too messy and not very structural. Instead, we developed a system of joints and members in Digital Project. To enable us to make smooth transitions between members at any angle we are using three layers of material per piece which will be connected with pegs. Each joint is either a Y or an L shaped piece which interlocks with the members to create a strong and smooth connection.
Here are three examples of tables you can create with our joint system.

from the front

a family of failed attempts at tables

We decided to build a somewhat smaller table though as a test of concept to check out tolerances and the structural capabilities of the system. Here is a screenshot from CATIA showing the mini table we are having made:

CATIA screenshot

Our new friends Ponoko are providing the laser services for us to produce this table. We entered their jewelry competition last month and are anxiously waiting to hear the results. Jesse will also be contributing to their blog in the future.

Here is a shot of the super cute cut file export Jesse made from CATIA:

cute cut sheet precursor

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