We won $600 in the Ponoko Jewelry Competition

Last month we entered several designs in Ponoko‘s first design competition. Ponoko is a company based in New Zealand and San Francisco that will laser cut your designs for you. They have a simple template which you can use with several different 2D design programs (illustrator, freehand, and inkscape).  Right now they are pretty limited in materials but they plan on adding some flexible ones soon.


From the entries, they selected 25 designs including 3 of ours and made them for free. From the top 25, they chose the top 10 and gave everyone $300. Check it out: here. Both the radiolaria bracelet (in PETG plastic) and the orchid necklace (in polystyrene) were selected.

To celebrate we are offering the orchid necklace for sale on etsy click here to buy one.


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  1. jessica

    i just found this site and i think what you do is very interesting. i often try to express what i know of physics and math in terms of items of beauty and functionality, and this is the first time i’ve found people with the same end in mind.

  2. Nikko

    Very neat indeed. I just got from Japan and this orchid necklace has given me flashbacks. Your designs are as always stunningly organic and smart.