Nervous System in Metropolis Magazine : “jewelry from the tech set”

nervous system in metropolis magazine nervous system in metropolis magazine

The April edition of metropolis magazine just hit the shelves yesterday and there is a full page article on us! We originally met Jade Chang, the west coast editor of Metropolis, at Felt Club’s holiday XL craft show. This was where we debuted our line and actually it was the only time we have sold our wares in person. Later she emailed us about possibly doing an article on us and a few months later we met her in a coffee shop in Los Angeles to do an interview.

I am very pleased with how the article come out and we even have an image in the table of contents! There is a little symbol next to the table of contents saying there will be more information available online too, but they have not launched the April edition on the website yet.

The online version is up at now, or you can pick it up a physical copy at your local big chain bookstore.

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