Nervous System in El Pais, 2.1 million readers!

A few months ago we did an interview over email with a journalist from El Pais, which Wikipedia dubs “the most widely-circulated daily newspaper in Spain.” Last week it was finally published! You can read the article (in Spanish) here:

“Estudiantes del MIT diseñan bisutería con algoritmos”

It is amazing to reach 2.1 million readers in a country so far away.

el Pais article on Nervous System, 2.1 million circulation

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  1. Victoria

    Hello! thanks to El Pais, I have been able to find your website and enjoy your unique designs. I read the interview and keep the pages just to look at your work. And as the Wikipedia says, El Pais is one of the most readed newspapers, or perhaps the most readed in Spain.
    Congratulations! And.. I might order something!

  2. Maria

    Your designs are rad!! (in a very intellectual sort of way) Looking forward to more (and buying myself some). Cheers!

  3. Nikko

    OH exciting! Congrats!