Nervous System + gems


We often get requests to set gemstones into our jewelry designs.  People want to be able to create amazing engagement rings or expand on their creations in high-class, sparkly ways.  It’s a complicated task, to fit gemstones into custom pieces of generative art, but how could we say no?

We’re excited to have the first Nervous System ring with a  gemstone in it here in our studio:  A ring made with our Cell Cycle App, and then set with a marquise-cut amethyst.

Our ultimate goal is to incorporate gemstone settings directly into our design app.  But, that may be a while in coming. In the meantime, contact us  if you are interested in ordering a ring with a gemstone! We will work with you to adapt the design so you can set stones of all sizes and colors in our pre-designed rings or one of your cell cycle creations. Possible ring materials include continuum sterling silver, 14kt gold or 18kt gold (white, rose, and yellow) and platinum.


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