nervous system wins award at SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival

Our Kinematics video won the award for Best Visualization and Simulation at SIGGRAPH 2014! The video visualizes our Kinematics system for designing and simulating flexible structures for 3D printing. Kinematics generates customized designs composed of tens to thousands of hinged, interlocking modules. The designs are computationally folded using rigid-body physics into a smaller form for fabrication by 3D printing.

SIGGRAPH is an annual interdisciplinary conference and exhibition that showcases current developments in computer graphics and interactive techniques. This year’s event takes place in Vancouver from August 10-14. SIGGRAPH’s Computer Animation Festival displays this year’s most innovative animation work including short films, scientific visualizations, special effects work and more.

You can see a preview of some of the other pieces accepted to this year’s Computer Animation Festival in the trailer below. We’re proud to be included among such impressive projects as “Gravity” by Alfonse Curaron and “Box” by Bot and Dolly! You can see the other winners at this page, and watch a preview of this year’s SIGGRAPH festival below.

We’d also like to thank the people and open source projects that made our video possible. First, thank you to Candlegravity for letting us use his song Aalburg Pulse. Thank you to Blender which we used to render the kinematics simulations. And thank you to Bullet Physics and OpenFrameworks which we use in our Kinematics folding software.

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