co-creating with nervous system—september 2014

DSCF0632Welcome back to Co-creating with Nervous System, the monthly feature where we take a moment to chat with one of our customers and hear more about what they’ve created using our generative design apps. This month, we’re talking to Jan Baum, who’s been working with our Kinematics & Cell Cycle apps.

DSCF0630Nervous System: You’ve designed quite a few custom pieces with us! Were these made for yourself or someone else?
Jan Baum: My first two designs were for myself. I am the executive director of 3D Maryland, a statewide initiative to raise awareness of and increase engagement with and implementation of 3D printing technologies among business, industry, and entrepreneurs. I’ve worked with Jessica and Jesse before and have followed their work, and thought the Kinematics app was a great way to explain 4D printing to the audiences I address. Additional pieces are to have on hand as gifts for high level people who visit the Innovation + Prototyping Lab at 3D Maryland.

cell cycle app

kinematics app-whiteNS: You’ve used both our Cell Cycle and Kinematics apps to create your own jewelry. How did you like the two apps?
JB: To date I’ve made four necklaces with Kinematics and one cuff with Cell Cycle. I wanted to try a new app, and I really like the results of Cell Cycle. It is a nice way to explain to people, ‘with 3D printing, if you can imagine it and have the skill to design it, a 3D printer can print it.’ And it fits my teeny little wrist perfectly!

NS: What was your favorite part of the process?
JB: Other than the actual pieces arriving in my doorstep, wearing the pieces and getting oos and ahs, the actual designing is my favorite part of the process–exploring the applications, pushing the boundaries, and seeing what’s possible. I find the apps super easy–thank you!

DSCF0620NS: How did the finished products turn out?
JB: Better than I imagined. :)

Thank you to Jan Baum for taking the time to share with us!
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