Second Kinematics Dress debuts at CES

kinematics dress no. 2We will debut our second Kinematics Dress at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week. The dress will be on display in Autodesk‘s booth and we will be around to discuss the project. For the second dress, we managed to reduce the size of the hinge joint allowing for 1,000 more unique panels, making it lighter weight and more flexible.

kinematics dress #2
Kinematics Dress #2 designed by Nervous System. Photo by Jessica Rosenkrantz. Worn by Sadiya Sheeba, bespoke fashion designer and Nervous System fan.

kinematics dress 2 – details

This custom-fit dress is composed of more than 3,000 unique interconnected parts which were 3D printed as a single folded piece. While each component is rigid, in aggregate, they behave as a continuous fabric allowing the dress to flexibly conform and fluidly flow in response to body movement. Unlike traditional fabric, this textile is not uniform; it varies in rigidity, drape, flex, porosity and pattern through space. The entire piece is customizable, from fit and style to flexibility and pattern, with the Kinematics Cloth app for clothing design.

3,212 panels connected by 4,709 hinges
3D-printed nylon by SLS
printed by Shapeways NY
sponsored by Autodesk

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