We went to Tokyo to exhibit at the 100% Design show in Jingu Gaien with designboom.  I was surprised by how different the show was from ICFF but overall it was a good experience.  At the show we met the shop chief of the Mori Arts Center museum shop in Roppongi Hills and she really liked our rubber and felt designs!  So I am happy to annouce that you can now buy our works at the Mori Arts Center museum shop.

I found the Roppongi Hills development to be pretty exciting actually although I heard many people talking negatively about it.  The area is one of the largest property developments in Japan owned and built by the Mori company which is also one of the country’s most generous patrons of the arts.  The museum is in the main tower of the development and seems to be considered one of the most important venues for contemporary art in Tokyo.  Certainly our work has never been featured at such a prominent location.  The shop features a great mix of work, largely by japanese designers/artisans.  It was great to see a completely new set of products distinct from the pieces I see over and over again at the MOMA design shop and similar stores.

Below are some quick shots I took of the mori arts center / mori tower and opposing them is Murakami’s optimistic, fantastical and positively explosive rendering of the tower complete with friendly dinosaur unicorns and field of smiling flowers.  I snagged this one as a poster for a couple dollars, score!

imgp2710.jpg full_full_takashi_murakami-roppongi-hills1.jpg

You can also find our work at 17dixsept design gallery in the Daikanyama area of Tokyo

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