felt necklaces

We spent part of last week in Boston visiting with friends.  While there, we had a chance to create some prototypes for our new wool felt necklaces.  We needed to check the design for fit and sizing before sending it to be manufactured.  We picked up some 3mm wool felt from the lovely Filzfelt in South Boston and hopped on some laser cutters in Cambridge.

These are the two designs we made, each will be available in pink, orange, grey and black


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  1. Traci

    wow, our felt never looked so good… i love the designs!

  2. fishgillz

    this looks really awesome!!!!

  3. arthur hash

    nice. felt…. I love them. I need to pick your brain(s) one day about stuff. -Arthur

  4. Julia

    Genius and beautiful. I can’t wait til these are available!

  5. cheryl

    Nice job!!

  6. lisa

    When can i buy one of these? please email me when and where, thanks x