updated 7/28/2021
Production Manager
We are looking for someone to manage production of goods at Nervous System, primarily laser cut jigsaw puzzles. This person will be responsible for all aspects of production, including tracking and sourcing supplies, maintaining and troubleshooting equipment, and scheduling. They will work with a small team of 2-4 people to make approximately 100-700 puzzles per week. Additional tasks may include working on jewelry and lamp production, shipping, making jigs and fixtures, experimenting with new machinery, and improving customization workflows.
Studio Environment
Nervous System is a multidisciplinary design studio which specializes in computational design and digital fabrication. We have pioneered the use of generative design, 3D printing, and customization in end use products since 2007. We make things that we love: out of a scientific inquisitiveness, an interest in innovative fabrication, and a joy in the natural world. Nervous System is located at the foothills of the Catskill mountains in Palenville, NY next to both a small cafe and library as well as hiking trails.

We have a casual but dedicated environment where we value learning and independent thought. You will be expected to both ask for help when needed as well as be able to troubleshoot issues on your own. There are many things that happen at Nervous System: manufacturing and design, animation and videography, software development and scientific research. Your role is bound only by your motivation and skills.

The job
  • Produce hundreds of puzzles each week including custom items
  • Maintain equipment including printers, laser cutters, roll coaters
  • Track supplies
  • Ensure strong quality control of end products
  • Manage a team of puzzle makers to ensure orders go out on schedule
  • Improve fabrication systems and efficiency
  • Laser cutting and other digital fabrication experience(CNC, 3D printing, printmaking)
  • Design software including Adobe Illustrator and Rhinoceros
  • General fabrication skills including welding, carpentry, sewing, and machining
  • Experience managing a team, meeting deadlines, and prioritizing multiple tasks
  • A love of making
  • Programming experience is a plus. Much of the software we use is made in house
This is a full time position with a starting salary of $55-65k/year plus benefits. Salary is negotiable based on experience.
How to apply
Please send a letter of introduction to jobs+pm@nervo.us with your resume and portfolio.