Xylem and Hyphae

Xylem Arbor Sculpture




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Xylem Arbor is an aggregation of leaf-like forms that cascade up the atrium walls which are made of bent sheet metal. The form, shape and pattern of the metal “leaves” evolves and morphs as the sculpture ascends. Each leaf features an intricate perforated pattern which is algorithmically generated based on simulations of natural processes.

The Xylem Arbor explores patterns of circulatory systems in plants and throughout the biological world through the lens of science and computation. The sculpture is composed of 224 unique aluminum panels which span the 120’ atrium space. As you travel up the building, the patterns, shapes, and colors morph, evoking different structures from the natural world.

Design: Nervous System
Client: Centene Corporation
Location: Charlotte, NC
Fabrication: A. Zahner Company
Architect: LS3P

  1. photo courtesy of James Coleman / A Zahner Company

  2. photo courtesy of James Coleman / A Zahner Company