Generators for Motorola




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In the summer of 2013 we worked for Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group creating 3D printing generators for the Make with Moto tour.

Motorola drove a van filled with digital fabrication tools across the country. They wanted to enable people to customize and hack their cell phones. We developed three apps for them that leveraged the tools in the van and let people design their own Moto X phone accessories that were then fabricated in under an hour.

1) Physigram - used live video and depth information from a Kinect and a set of 3D filters we created to generate full-color 3D-printed phone cases.

2) Tessellation - a flexible bracelet made of hinged triangles that users could sculpt and have fabricated in their exact size. These were 3D printed in place on inexpensive desktop 3D printers. These bracelets contained an NFC tag so they could interact with cell phones.

3) Radiolaria - a playful phone case generator that let users play with a particle system to sculpt a crystalline or cellular style case. These cases could be printed in clear resin or laser cut from a variety of woods or plastics.

  1. physigram

  2. tessellation

  3. radiolaria