Kinematics Jewelry




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Each Kinematics jewelry design is a complex assemblage of hinged, triangular parts that behave as a continuous fabric, conforming to the wearer's body.

The pieces are built up layer-by-layer in strong but slightly flexible nylon plastic using selective laser sintering, a kind of 3D printing. The hinges are built in during the printing process so each design comes out of the printer fully assembled. The pieces are polished until smooth, but they retain a delicate texture from the printing process. The necklaces and bracelets are fastened simply and securely with a hidden magnetic clasps.

  1. Kinematics necklace - detail

  2. Tetra 175n necklace

  3. Tetra 120n necklace

  4. Tetra 120n necklace

  5. Polygonal 61 necklace

  6. Polygonal 61 necklace

  7. Tetra 6e earrings

  8. Smooth 83n necklace

  9. Smooth 83n necklace

  10. Smooth 116n necklace

  11. Kinematics bracelets

  12. Smooth 111n

  13. Kinematics necklaces

  14. Tetra 120n

  15. Tetra 31n

  16. Tetra 175n

  17. Tetra 6e

  18. Tetra 6e - detail

  19. Polygonal 25e

  20. Smooth 18e

  21. Tetra 31n

  22. Smooth 116n

  23. Smooth 116n