Radiolaria is a web-based design app for designing cellular jewelry and housewares. Users manipulate a simulation of a spring mesh to sculpt their own biologically-inspired designs.

Each object you create starts as a basic hexagonal mesh which you can change as much, or as little, as you want with a variety of tools. Choose a sharp, geometric look or a rounded, more organic style. Use attractive and repulsive forces to disrupt the pattern’s initial symmetry, or give it a twist with spiraling forces. Click inside any cell to subdivide it into three smaller cells — those smaller cells can even be further subdivided to add more intricate detail to your design.

Your digital designs can be turned into real-world jewelry, housewares, or decorations made from steel, bamboo, or felt. Play around! And make sure to save your creations so you can revisit and share them, digitally or physically. Get started at

Technology Used
ProcessingJS, Javascript, WebGL

Original Release: 2007-12-01
Latest Release: 2012-11-29

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