Kinematics Bodice




3dprint, clothing, kinematics, product


The Kinematics Bodice was the first piece of Kinematics clothing we produced, and it served as a proof of concept for our folding and fabrication methods. It is composed of 1,320 unique hinged pieces, and was 3D-printed in a single folded piece.

In order to fit the bodice into the printer and minimize the space it took up in the machine, the design was printed in a flattened form, produced by our Kinematics folding software. The bodice was wearable straight out of the printer: no pieces were manually assembled and no fasteners were added. The back of the bodice features integrated 3D-printed snaps for fastening the garment.

Technical details Scanning – Kinect scan of Jessica produced in our studio

Design – Kinematics Clothing app (JavaScript, WebGL)

Folding – Kinematics Folding app (C++, openFrameworks, ODE)

3D-printing – printed by Shapeways in Long Island City, NY by Selective Laser Sintering in nylon

  1. video: Kinematics Bodice

  2. video: Kinematics Bodice - flattening for 3D-printing