Floraform animations




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  1. video: Floraform project

    Floraform is a generative design project by Nervous System inspired by the biomechanics of growing leaves and blooming flowers. It…

  2. video: Floraform - designing with simulations

    Floraform is a simulation of a differentially growing elastic surface that we created to explore how biological systems create for…

  3. Floraform - growing jewelry

    This video shows 3 specific generative growth processes for 3 pieces of jewelry in our Floraform collection. Floraform is insp…

  4. floraform - growing from the edge

  5. floraform - detail of growing the celosia cuff

  6. morphostem - cone flower growth

    - differential growth towards the edge of a cone - decreasing bend strength causes the ruffles to become smaller and smaller

  7. morphostem - growing from a line

  8. morphostem - growing from a point

  9. sphere one hole (with smaller subdivision distance)

  10. morphogenesis of a sphere with four holes