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Our Xylem jewelry collection was released in 2010 and is grown our Xylem software which simulates how veins forms in leaves.

The designs are photo-etched from thin but durable stainless steel. This process, originally developed to meet the exacting specifications of circuit board manufacturing, allows us to create jewelry that is both intricate and incredibly lightweight.

One of our goals with this collection was to explore the parameter space of our algorithm and exhibit the range of patterns that could be generated by the system.

The Folium Necklaces and Earrings were added to the collection in 2013 and are generative series where every piece of jewelry is a one-of-a-kind result of our algorithm.

available for sale in our shop

  1. Folium Pendants - each is one of a kind

  2. Reticulate Earrings

  3. a Folium pendant

  4. detail from Folium pendants showing the range of patterns

  5. a Folium Pendant

  6. a Folium Pendant

  7. Folium Pendant (24kt gold plated stainless steel)

  8. Folium Pendant (24kt gold plated stainless steel)

  9. Secant Roots Brooch - detail (stainless steel)

  10. Cross-venulate earring - detail (black chromium plated stainless steel)

  11. Reticulate Pendant - detail (24kt gold plated stainless steel)

  12. Folium Earrings

  13. Root Earrings

  14. Cross-venulate Earrings

  15. Dichotomous Earrings

  16. Cluster Earrings

  17. Dichotomous Pendant

  18. Peltate Earrings

  19. Peltate Pendant

  20. Cluster Pendant - detail

  21. Perlin Necklace

  22. Cluster Pendant

    stainless steel

  23. Roots Brooch

  24. Roots Brooch - detail

  25. Folium Pendant - sparse fill

  26. Reticulate Earrings

  27. Perlin Necklace