Hyphae Pendant Lamp
The Hyphae pendant lamp is a hanging lamp that directs light downward while casting unique forest-like shadows onto nearby walls. The lampshade branches from a thick stem, the pattern growing more dense as it descends, and ending with an uneven edge reminiscent of overlapping leaves.

Inspired by how veins form in leaves, each lamp is digitally grown in a computer simulation and fabricated with 3D printing. The process guarantees that every lamp is unique.The lamp is lit by eco-friendly LED's and comes with a 4’ long stainless steel cable for hanging.

About Hyphae
Hyphae is a collection of 3D printed artifacts constructed of rhizome-like networks. Inspired by the vein structures that carry fluids through organisms from the leaves of plants to our own circulatory systems, we created a simulation which uses physical growth principles to build sculptural, organic structures. Starting from an initial seed and a surface, we grow a hierarchical network where nodes constantly branch and merge. The densely interconnected structure is at once airy and strong.

Lighting Specifications
The lamp comes with an eco-friendly 3-watt 200 lumen LED light fixture featuring three bright Cree LEDs and covered by a 3-year warranty. It works off a 120V or 240V outlet.

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