Stainless Steel Spiral Cuff
A striking cellular cuff in stainless steel, inspired by microscopic cellular structures and created using computer simulation and 3D printing.

The C-shaped design fits close to the skin, is lightweight, and uses minimal material. The two-layer form of the cuff, which would be impossible to create using traditional manufacturing methods, is 3D printed layer by layer from stainless steel powder infused with bronze and fused in a kiln. The final makeup of the print is roughly 60% steel and 40% bronze. Due to variations in the way the bronze powder gets distributed during the printing process, the color of the finished product may range, displaying more or less of a bronze hue.

The Spiral Cuff is a part of our Cell Cycle collection, which was inspired by the intricate mineral forms of Radiolarians. The form is the result of a physics simulation of the forces in a cellular network of springs. Using our custom software, we created the Spiral Cuff by morphing, twisting, and subdividing, transforming a simple mesh to a complex patterned structure.

These cuffs are designed to fit snugly; please check the dimensions before ordering. Our 3D-printed stainless steel is composed of roughly 60% steel and 40% bronze. Color and polish may vary from piece to piece.

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