Arboreal Lamp
The Arboreal Pendant is a series of organic pendant lamps based on how veins form in leaves. Each lamp is a completely one-of-a-kind design 3D-printed in nylon plastic. The lamps are lit by eco-friendly LED's and cast dramatic branching shadows on the wall and floor.

About Hyphae
Hyphae is a collection of 3D printed artifacts constructed of rhizome-like networks. Inspired by the vein structures that carry fluids through organisms from the leaves of plants to our own circulatory systems, we created a simulation which uses physical growth principles to build sculptural, organic structures. Starting from an initial seed and a surface, we grow a hierarchical network where nodes constantly branch and merge. The densely interconnected structure is at once airy and strong.

Lighting Specifications
The lamp comes with an eco-friendly 3-watt 200 lumen LED light fixture featuring three bright Cree LEDs and covered by a 3-year warranty. It is UL-listed and works off a 120V or 240V outlet.

The lamp hangs from a stainless steel cable and comes with a wall plug.

One of a Kind
Each lamp is one of a kind, you will receive a lamp similar to the one pictured.

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