brass wave ring
Two undulating curves define the pattern of this delicate brass ring. Two layers of pattern create spatial depth and a sense of movement. Twisted ellipses march around the outer surface, while the interior one is formed by more circular cells. Part of our Cell Cycle collection.

This ring is made using a multistage production process that marries 3D printing technology with traditional lost wax casting. First, the ring is 3D printed in wax using a high-resolution printer. The wax model is then encased in liquid plaster. After the plaster has set, the wax is melted out of the plaster form and molten brass is poured in. Once the metal has cooled, the plaster form is broken away to reveal the ring, which is then carefully hand-polished to a high shine.

Also available in silver. Available in 14k gold, 18k gold, palladium and platinum by special order.

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