Coral Cup
The Coral Cup is a new design from Nervous System. Computationally-generated and handcrafted in porcelain, the Coral Cup is inspired by the form of brain coral. The project is a fusion of new technologies and old: algorithmic design and 3D-printing meet traditional porcelain techniques. The cup’s surface is deeply grooved with meandering ridges and valleys creating a tactile experience. The cup is as delightful to hold as it is to behold. It’s topography is reminiscent of many forms in nature from the ridges of sand dunes to folds of brain coral or even the wrinkles of your fingerprints.

This is our first foray in manufacturing porcelain in house. From the molds to the slip and the glaze to the final piece, everything is mixed, printed, cast, and fired in house. Your support will help us create more experiments in weird computationally-crafted ceramics.

  • sold singly or as a set of 4
  • dishwasher and microwave safe
  • holds about 10 ounces
  • handmade at Nervous System in Somerville, MA

Read more about the process behind the Coral Cup in our blog post.

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