Cosmic Cliffs Infinite Galaxy Puzzle
Have you ever done a puzzle that has no beginning or end? Get lost in the Cosmic Cliffs Infinite Galaxy Puzzle, featuring one of the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope. This puzzle combines two cut styles, our Maze cut and the new Wave cut.

The Infinity Puzzle is a new type of jigsaw puzzle that tiles continuously. It has no fixed shape and can be assembled in thousands of different ways.

When we saw the new images from the James Webb Space Telescope, we knew we had to make another galaxy puzzle. These stunning photos show parts of the universe never before seen, even going back in time over 13 billion years. The Cosmic Cliffs image reveals areas showing the birth of stars giving us new details in how stars are formed. Explore the galaxy while assembling the puzzle in multiple ways. The puzzle also features special space themed whimsy pieces.

Star Forming Region: NGC 3324 In Carina Nebula
image credit: NASA, ESA, CSA, and STScI

4 special pieces: astronaut, JWST, shooting star + satellite

infinitely reconfigurable, no fixed shape!

Contains 262 pieces, maze and wave style
Laser cut in Palenville, NY
Made with our custom maple plywood

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