Marbling Infinity Puzzle™ medium
Explore endless fields of color and pattern with the Marbling Infinity Puzzle featuring art by Amanda Ghassaei. The puzzle contains ~170 wooden pieces cut into intricate waves and spirals with themed whimsy pieces shaped hiding inside. The artwork was created through a digital simulation of paper marbling. The puzzle is an infinity puzzle™ so it has no fixed shape and no edges. It can be assembled in thousands of different ways. There are 3 color schemes, each has a different cut. Also available in Small and Large sizes.

whimsy pieces

  • blue puzzle - 171 pieces with sea creature whimsies
  • red puzzle - 169 pieces with amphibian and reptile whimsies
  • green puzzle - 180 pieces with plant, insect and mushroom whimsies

infinitely reconfigurable, no edges, no fixed shape!

about the artist
Amanda Ghassaei is an engineer and maker with a background in physics, based in San Francisco, CA. She uses physics simulations to create computational design tools spanning topics in fluid dynamics, origami, and audio processing.

made with math, science, + lasers
Since 2011, Nervous System has been crafting plywood puzzles that combine the artistry of classic jigsaws with the possibilities of new technology. We use custom software inspired by natural patterns to grow the intertwining shapes of the puzzle pieces. The organic forms are cut from plywood by a laser, resulting in a uniquely challenging puzzle crafted from premium materials. Each puzzle is made by us at our solar-powered studio in the Catskill Mountains.

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