Reaction Mobius ring silver
This intricately embossed sterling silver ring is a Möbius strip. A Möbius strip is like a never-ending loop that only has one side and one edge. If you trace the ring’s ridges and valleys with your finger, you'll eventually end up back where you started, but you'll have traveled both sides without lifting your finger. The shape that plays with our usual sense of what's "inside" and "outside"! The algorithmically generated pattern on the ring reminds us of the forms of brain corals, sand dunes and even fingerprints. This ring is also available in brass.

About the Reaction Jewelry Collection
Reaction is a 3d-printed jewelry collection inspired by biological morphogenesis. The designs are grown through a computer simulation of reaction-diffusion, a chemical patterning mechanism observed in a myriad of biological systems, from animal skin patterns to slime molds. From Möbius strip rings to seashell-like earrings, each piece is intricately embossed with intertwining patterns of ridges and valleys that create a unique experience that is both visual and tactile. View the complete collection here.

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