Reaction Shell earrings
These sea-shell like earrings are embossed with a complex pattern of ridges and valleys. Scientists have modeled the patterns of many sea shells using reaction-diffusion which inspired these earrings. The algorithmically generated pattern on the ring reminds us of the forms of brain corals, sand dunes and even fingerprints. The earrings are 3d-printed in wax and then cast in sterling silver or brass.

About the Reaction Jewelry Collection
Reaction is a 3d-printed jewelry collection inspired by biological morphogenesis. The designs are grown through a computer simulation of reaction-diffusion, a chemical patterning mechanism observed in a myriad of biological systems, from animal skin patterns to slime molds. From Möbius strip rings to seashell-like earrings, each piece is intricately embossed with intertwining patterns of ridges and valleys that create a unique experience that is both visual and tactile. View the complete collection here.

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