Replacement Piece
Have you misplaced or broken one of your puzzle pieces? Don't worry! We can probably replace it for you. Purchasing this item covers the cost of making and shipping up to 3 replacement pieces. In addition to purchasing this item, please send us a photo of the completed puzzle highlighting the broken pieces. For one of a kind puzzles like Geodes, Agates, Bismuth, Radial and custom puzzles we also need to know the ID number of your puzzle.

If you have discovered a broken or missing piece upon the first time you assemble the puzzle we will replace it for free (do not purchase this item in that case). This is a honor system. If its our fault we pay for it, if its your fault please purchase this item.

Occasionally we may not be able to replace a piece due to the age of the puzzle. We will write you and cancel your order if that is the case.

If you would like to be notified when this product is in stock, please submit your email address.