Seed Lamp
The Seed Lamp is 10.5" in diameter and can be hung as pendant or set on a table. It is 3d-printed by means of Selective Laser Sintering.

The seed lamps play with reaction-diffusion at different scales to produce an organic effect. A simple sphere grows into a complex sculpted surface by layering reaction patterns at a micro and macro scale. The larger scale pattern creates the overall topography of the lamp while the smaller scale modulates the surface thickness to reveal a cellular texture when lit. The surface is punctured in the valleys of the larger scale pattern in order to create an intricate shadow patterns.

We were inspired by microscopic images of seeds where both the overall shape of the seed and the cells of which it is composed are visible.

Light Fixture
The lamp comes with an eco-friendly 3-watt 200 lumen LED light fixture featuring three bright Cree LEDs and covered by a 3-year warranty. It works off a 120V or 240V outlet.

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