Radiolaria bracelet and ring prototypes

Jesse has been working on creating some 3 dimensional radiolaria pieces that we will be premiering at ICFF this year.  We had some prototypes printed by Shapeways to test out material strength / sizing / feasibility.  Not sure what the eventual designs will look like but here are some first attempts.  The material is nylon and is printed using SLS (selective laser sintering).

radiolaria 3D test prints

radiolaria 3D test prints

radiolaria 3D test prints

Jesse wrote the software in processing as a kind of 3d implementation of our radiolaria applet on a toroidal shape.  His program also builds the meshes, although we did the smoothing of them in Maya.  We have some dye on order to experiment with coloring them and I would like to try electroforming them in silver.

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  2. Wow gorgeous! I would really love to see them in silver, maybe also that kind of coloured titanium you get? Very nice indeed.

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