video: laplacian growth

made with, sunflow, toxiclibs, and Amazon EC2

music: Celeste by Candlestickmaker (fixed link)

This video is still somewhat incomplete but we decided to post it anyways, we need to add a fly through of the growth at the end. You can’t see much of the grown surface due to the high camera angle. Hopefully we will have a chance to work on this next week.

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  1. mrule

    This is amazing. It looks like you’re using a voxel-based method to simulate the equations, then reconstructing the surface ? Is this the 3D generalization of the “non-physical” 2D system you mentioned earlier ?

  2. toxi

    Jessica, that’s truly beautiful! That must have been quite a render time. Also what’s the voxel resolution on this? Apart from laplacian growth, did you also apply the laplacian smooth for the mesh? Might help to get rid of some of these grid cell steps more…

  3. Jesse Louis-Rosenberg

    mrule: yes, the equations are solved using a finite difference method. It is a generalization of a slightly simpler and more physical system than the 2D one. Much more straight forward actually.

    toxi: Thanks! Yeah, it took 2.5 days on a high cpu ec2 machine. The resolution was 360 x 250 x 180. I do apply a few iterations of laplacian smoothing. The ribs seem to be a simulation artifact and are at a slightly larger scale than the resolution, so they are not easily smoothed.