new jewelry for ICFF 2009

bracelet05.jpgWe finally finished the jewelry designs that we will be premiering at ICFF 2009 in NYC in May.  There are 8 bracelet designs and 4 rings.  Bracelets will come in a small and a large size (59mm and 65mm) and the rings come in sizes 6,7, and 8.  All the designs will be available in white nylon (hard plastic) and some will be available in either sterling silver or stainless steel.  Still getting the metal part worked out.Does anyone have any suggestions for a name for this new line of pieces?  I’ve been considering Cell Cycle, Cell Division, and Subdivision.  I sort of like cell cycle, but Jesse says it reminds him of bicycles.bracelets_and_rings_for_icff2009blog.jpgUnlike our previous hexagon mesh work, the radiolaria pieces, these patterns were created by subdividing a mesh rather than morphing it with forces.   The pieces were designed using 2 spring meshes that form a vaguely torus-ish shape in processing.  We had the ability to vary number of divisions in x and y for both the interior and exterior meshes, we could create a twist between the two rings bounding the interior and exterior and also we can shape those boundary curves by sine waves.  The applet has two views, a 3d one and an “unrolled” view for the mesh that creates the exterior surface of the form.  In the unrolled view, we can click to subdivide the meshes to generate the pattern.  From processing, we export 3d solid meshes in OBJ format. These were then brought into 3dmax/maya (either will do) and converted from polygon meshes into level 2 subdivision surfaces. This last step smoothes our angular meshes from processing into the sinous curves you see in the renderings.Availability will be limited at first to 5 of each design for the bracelets, and 5 of each size for the rings.  They will not be available on our website until sometime after ICFF in May.Ringsrings_blog2.jpg

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  1. kirsten

    WOW! these are incredible. sensational.
    love, love, love.
    name: something about morphing perhaps? there are some good variations on the word, too: morphemic, morpheme, etc. [ha, just read your detail on the development and saw morphing in there!]
    i am looking forward to purchasing one of these when you release them – will you post to australia?! please! :)

  2. jim

    really cool stuff… i think if i had to name i would try to use the word lattice, it seems to suggest delicacy as well as it’s definition

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