Pieces for ICFF have arrived!

bracelets and rings arrived!

These pieces are 3d printed by SLS (selective laser sinteting) in a hard nylon material. We also have two samples of the rings cast in sterling silver which are incredibly amazing! They are off being polished right now and we won’t get them back until Wednesday; you will have to wait until then to see them.It is really great to finally be able to produce fully 3 dimensional works that get at the effect I was originally trying to achieve a couple of years ago. Hopefully we will have time to document the process by which these pieces were generated in Processing soon.Oh and I am probably dropping out of school.

nervous system bangles

bangle!bracelets and a ringnew Nervous System designs for ICFF 2009

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  1. Di

    Beautiful work. But why are you dropping out of school? This worries me. Can you tell I’m a mom?

  2. jrosenk

    thanks Di!

    I’m dropping out for several reasons, including 1) I don’t like Harvard, 2) taking architecture studios makes me crazy, 3) it’s incredibly expensive, 4) I have more fun when I work when I want, on what I want, 5) I’m sick of being to pressured to work toward someone else’s agenda

  3. jim

    wow! the bangles came out great

  4. kirsten

    absolutely incredible pieces.
    i am seriously desperate for one. :)

  5. Michele

    Wow those are amazing pieces. I need to own one! Do you have a price in mind for these yet?

  6. jrosenk

    Hi Michele,

    The rings will be $12 for the 1-layer and $25 for the 2-layer. Bracelets will be $64… I think.

    They should be up on Monday.

  7. suzy

    WOW! I randomly came across your site from another blog.. these are AMAZING! I would definitely love to get one of your rings for sure, if not more. lol. You should sell these on ETSY if not your own site. I’d def. want to feature you on my youtube & blog. I’ll be coming back to see the finished product, awesome work!