now available Hyphae Lamps #14-28

We’ve been really excited about the enthusiastic response to our Hyphae Lamps! On August 16th, we sold the last Hyphae Lamp from the first series that was available on our website.  Each lamp in the series is a one of a kind design but the series itself is unlimited.  So in the following days, we’ve grown the next group of lamps.  These lamps number 14 through 28 and are currently available for purchase in our online shop.

One of the great things about having sold the first batch of lamps is that they were all printed and we were able to do a family portrait of a number of them together.  We also had a chance to design packaging for the lamps which we are making in house on our laser cutter.  Each lamp comes in a two part box with a detailed laser engraved venation pattern and edition number.

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    An elegant, well-crafted lampshades. Great on having dinner date for a romantic evening!