Nervous System at NYIGF!

We are at the New York International Gift Fair this week showing our puzzles and jewelry.  Please stop by our booth #3901 in the Accent on Design section!

Our booth design alternates frosted plexiglass panels of jewelry that jut out at angles with 8′ tall laser cut panels showing a pattern representative of each collection.   All parts were fabricated in our studio before the show, so set up was easy and relatively problem-free.

We also built a tactile display for our new Jigsaw Puzzles.   Each puzzle is one-of-a-kind, and comes with a playful selection of themed whimsies.

In addition to the bright new booth design, we’re proud to release our newest full-color 48 page wholesale catalog.   The catalog showcases all the designs we’ve made over the last five years at Nervous System.  Special thanks to our intern Katya Ryabtseva for all of her help with the the catalog project! We’ll be blogging more of the photos from the catalog in the near future but for now you can take a peek at it here:  Nervous System Catalog – fall 2012

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  1. Marcus

    Love the catalog – its very well put together and the photos are fantastic!

    Thank you for posting, you guys always inspire me to keep making beautiful 3D prints!