6 tea towels


For Design Nearby‘s Big Print Lil Print show. December 11th at the Pinkcomma Gallery in Boston.

Digital fabric printing allowed us to make all one of a kind pieces. At the show we will have 5 series / styles of designs, each with 5 separate instances. So 25 unique designs in total. This is one of the series.The patterns were generated in Processing. The pieces measure 18.5″ x 27.75″ and can be used as tea towels or wall hangings.

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  1. Christa Berz

    Hello, I am a German ceramist and I work with procelaine material, thinwalled like paper. I like your products very much. While I surched for a christmas present for my daughter, I had an idea: I think it would be possibel for you to produce individual finger prints of any person. Did you do it already?
    Best regards,
    Christa Berz

  2. morgan

    these are really beautiful. will they be for sale?

  3. jrosenk

    these will be for sale at the design nearby show at the Pinkcomma gallery in Boston this Friday. Depending on people’s responses and our level of enthusiasm we may pursue making some textile products for general consumption next year. Or maybe just sell prints on our website?