Nervous System Gets UnGRIDDED: A New Series of Coloring Books and Notebooks

We’re excited to announce the Kickstarter launch of UnGRIDDED, a new series of coloring books and notebooks created by our friends at AMINIMAL Studio. Nervous System contributed original artwork to the series, which also features designs from AMINIMAL Studio and HYBYCOZO.
The collection is composed of themed, pocket-sized notebooks for your daily notes and sketches. They break the grid of traditional graph paper, replacing it with complex patterns and intricate line art inspired by natural systems, urban grids, topographic maps, music theory, and more. Pledging the Kickstarter at the $20 level will get you a pack of three notebooks.

We created the art for the NATURE sketchbook, a series of 32 unique computer generated drawings that explore cellular patterns. The anisotropic designs were inspired by microscopic images of plant tissues and display subtle shifts in size and direction as well as hierarchical arrangements suggestive of biological tissue development. Color them in or use the pages as a backdrop for your own creative explorations of organic design.

05_UnGRIDDED_Notebook_Detail2Other notebooks in the collection include LANDSCAPES by AMINIMAL, which features topographic maps of national parks, and CITIES by AMINIMAL, which features the street grids of famous cities. HYBYCOZO’s WONDER notebook explores geometric tilings.
07_UnGRIDDED_Notebook_Series108_UnGRIDDED_Notebook_Series2Click here to learn more and pledge your support at the UnGRIDDED Kickstarter page. Supporters at the $120 or $180 level will also receive limited edition Nervous System art prints.

We’ve been friends with John and Lana of AMINIMAL since 2010 when we met at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. In fact, Lana was the first person to ever wear our Kinematics Dress! It’s exciting to finally be able to collaborate with them on a project.

Please support the UnGRIDDED Kickstarter and share it with your friends to help us make our sketchbook a reality.

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