what we’ve been up to

Lately, we share a lot of snapshots of what we are working on in the studio on Instagram (username: nervous_jessica). But maybe you blog followers and website visitors might also appreciate them. Lately we’re working on….

TABLES! We’ve been cutting this reaction-diffusion piece on our router the past few nights into the wee hours.  This is part of an 8′ maple table we’re fabricating for a commission.

To prepare for making the big table we tested on our settings by making a small coffee table in the same wood.  Also we made legs for the first time.

PUZZLES! We’ve been making tons of puzzles for stores for the holiday season.  That means I’ve got jigsaw puzzles on my brain and in my instagram.

APP MAKING – We’re almost done making the HTML5 version of the Radiolaria app.  And we’re testing out stuff you will be able to make with it: earrings! necklaces! trivets!

ANIMATION – We’re working on an animation to document the ideas behind our new Orb and Orbicular lamps.

JEWELRY – And as usual we’re making tons of jewelry, 3d-printed and otherwise.

SUMMARY – We’ve been busy.

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