kinematics 3d-printed in gold

a3dm_gold_kinematics-2 a3dm_gold_kinematics-1

Here is the first ever kinematics piece 3d-printed in metal! This sample swatch was 3d-printed using direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) in 18k gold by Cooksongold in collaboration with A3DM. This piece was fully articulated straight out of the printer and did not require any assembly. We will be working on developing a special kinematics piece for DMLS gold printing later this year.

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  1. Carlos Alonso

    Hello Jessica and Jesse!
    Incredible 18k gold with interlocking parts!!!
    I am Carlos from and for us you are the best artists in the 3d printing world, the most interesting people we can hear talking about 3d printing and we really admire your work.
    Keep up the good work!