a nervous kitty in the city

freedom tower
a 2-color cat visits the Freedom Tower [photo by nyc_cat]
Over the past few months, we’ve been bringing you makes of our designs on Thingiverse. Occasionally, we come across a person who seems to have taken a particular shine to their Nervous System creation. One example that we were delighted to find is Instagram user nyc_cat, who has been documenting the urban adventures of their 2-color standing cat, whom they’ve named Dog. We’ve been following Dog around the city (in pictures, at least) all year long and can’t wait to see where this little red-and-white critter will pop up next!

snow-w comments
Dog is made of red and white PLA using a dual extrusion 3D printer [photo by nyc_cat]
dog and cat
cat meets Dog [photo by nyc_cat]
dog show
contemplating Westminster [photo by nyc_cat]
appreciating city wildlife in its natural habitat [photo by nyc_cat]
just hanging out with a distant relative [photo by nyc_cat]
Check out the rest of our downloads on Thingiverse and find out where your Nervous System make will take you!

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  1. Nathanael Mcmullen

    Thaaaat IS awesome! lol hehe