custom engagement rings made with code, 3D-printing and diamonds

engagement rings by nervous system

Last year we produced our first engagement ring with a gemstone. This year we took on more custom jewelry projects. Here are two of my favorite engagement rings we created in 2015. If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece of jewelry, email us at to start the conversation.

cellular ring with oval diamond


The first is a white gold and diamond ring designed by the client in our Cell Cycle app. We adapted his design to hold a single oval-cut diamond. The large gemstone sits suspended between the two layers of cellular structure. The ring was 3D-printed in wax and then cast in white gold.


florescence ring with a trio of diamonds


The second ring was a different sort of project. The client asked us to create a new ring design based on our Florescence jewelry collection. The undulating surface of the design was grown in our Floraform software and accommodates 3 round diamonds within its folds. The design was first 3D-printed in wax and then cast in white gold. Lastly, it was polished to a mirror finish and set with three small gemstones.




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  1. CADMaster

    Here I see a professionalism of designer. The combination of shapes and proportions and stones of the ring is outstanding. Appreciable.

  2. Brandon

    Wow, those are SUPER cool. Are you printing them all in wax and then dipping, or are you printing the whole thing from metal. Either way, they are beautiful.

    1. Jessica

      hi Brandon, these are 3D-printed in wax and then cast in 14kt white gold by the lost wax casting process. The resulting rings are made of solid 14kt gold.

  3. Gerry The Jeweler

    Beautiful design and absolutely perfect finish!

    Great work on this, keep those creative juices flowing ;)

  4. Rachel

    To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of traditional engagement rings. I find a lot of them have too much bling for me and aren’t very unique. THESE are some engagement rings I would definitely want. I love how beautiful and organic the shapes look. Thank you for sharing!