Lizard Infinity Puzzle™

Have you ever done a puzzle that has no beginning or end? Can you tame the Lizard Infinity Puzzle™? Hundreds of unique lizards come together to form this extra challenging puzzle. Every lizard is a different shape and color. While the puzzle has thousands of solutions, each lizard only fits in one spot. It’s now available ($70, 216 pieces) for preorder in the Nervous System shop.

The Lizard Infinity Puzzle™ showcases a new capability of our puzzle production: color line cutting. Color line cutting precisely aligns the cut and the image to make pieces which fall exactly along changes in the puzzle picture. While the puzzle looks like a smooth gradient of color, each piece is actually a solid color, completely distinct from its neighbor, making it even harder to match pieces together.

we use color line cutting to make every lizard a different color

puzzle origins

In 2018, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts (MFA) hosted an M.C. Escher exhibit. The museum invited us to bring puzzles for people to play with at a late night event hosted in the Escher gallery. We decided to make our own play on tiling lizards where instead of being identical, each lizard would be morphed slightly differently. It turned out unintentionally very difficult to assemble since each piece looks nearly identical but only fits perfectly in one spot. It was so fun to do puzzles with people surrounded by some of Escher’s early drawings and sketches as well as the epic “Metamorphosis”. The Lizard Infinity Puzzle adds to this first prototype by making it tile and introducing color line cutting.

infinity puzzle™

The Infinity Puzzle ™ is a new type of jigsaw puzzle that tiles continuously. It has no fixed shape, no starting point, and no edges. It can be assembled in thousands of different ways. The tiling means that pieces from the bottom can be moved to the top and pieces from the right can be moved to the left. Multiple infinity puzzles can be combined to create a larger continuous puzzle. Check out our full range of Infinity Puzzles in the shop including the Galaxy, Earth and Moon Infinity Puzzles™.

The Lizard Infinity Puzzle ($70) has 216 pieces and is now available for preorder in the Nervous System shop.

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  1. Sheila Diombala

    This puzzle was very challenging! I like the M.C. Escher inspiration and the subtle color changes. The different sizes and noticing the pattern helped in working this puzzle. I think I will leave it as it is (kind of a rectangle shape) for a while before moving the pieces around to explore the “infinity” properties.

    1. Jessica

      Thanks for the feedback!