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  1. Cassiopeia Collar

    3D-printed nylon

  2. Cassiopea Earrings

    3D-printed nylon

  3. Cassiopeia Ring

    black 3D-printed nylon

  4. Cassiopea Pendant

    3D-printed nylon

  5. Celosia Cuff

    black 3D-printed nylon

  6. Celosia Cuff

    3D-printed nylon

  7. Cnidaria Cuff

    3D-printed nylon

  8. Elysia Pendant

    3D-printed nylon

  9. Flora Brooch

    3D-printed nylon

  10. Flora Collar

    3D-printed nylon

  11. Flora Collar

    Photo by Rachel Tine

  12. Silver Orchid Necklace

  13. Silver Anthesis Necklace

    This silver necklace features a pattern of cellular perforations that were inspired by lacy bryozoans. These perforations mirror t…

  14. Silver Bryozoa Necklace

  15. Geodesic distance

    The growth rate of the surface is controlled by the distance along the surface from the edge or some other specified growing zone.…

  16. Collision detection

    In order to prevent our surface from intersecting itself, we need a way to detect collisions between parts of the surface as it gr…

  17. Adaptive Subdivision

    As our surface grows, we need to maintain the level of detail of our mesh in order to have a smooth surface and a stable stimulati…

  18. Perforation system

  19. floraFormDetail.gif

  20. IMGP1310.jpg

  21. Kinematics Dress #4