1. Kendrick Lamar and Quentin Tarantino at Summit at Sea

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    The 10ft high sculptures were lightweight enough to be lifted and moved around the stage.

  5. Hyphae Assembly

    We designed the stage such that all the components could be brought into the cruise ship flat and assembled in one day. Each lamp…

  6. detail of the CNC cut sintra

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  10. Matching wedding bands

    While they have the same cellular structure, they twist in opposite directions.

  11. Nesting Rings

    The wedding band and engagement ring nest together.

  12. Nesting Rings

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  14. Kinematics Petals - 3D-printed dress in motion

    Kinematics Petals Dress 2 commissioned by the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences and debuts in the exhibition Out of Hand at the Po…

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