Puzzle Cell Table Lamp
This otherworldly wood table lamp arrives at your door as a set of 18 flat pieces. By snapping the sinuous shapes together, you will create a hourglass shaped table lamp 21" tall. The panels are reminiscent of the interlocking “puzzle cells” of leaves, and their cellular perforations cast dramatic shadows. The unique design of the lamp is the result of two algorithmic processes which compute the panel shapes and their cellular cutouts. The Puzzle Cell Lamp is computationally generated and digitally fabricated at our solar-powered workshop in the Catskills. Learn more about the story behind the lamp in our blog post. Also available as a pendant lamp.


The lamp comes as 18 unique flat panels that you assemble yourself to create a complex lamp shade. It may look like a puzzle but there are straightforward instructions and a video to guide you. The panels have laser engraved numbers on each edge and connect via hand pushed plastic rivets. No tools are required. With each new panel you add, the lampshade progressively takes shape.

We estimate it will take you 1 to 2 hours to assemble the lamp. The panels are connected by ~280 rivets. Simply connect panels in their numbered order and your lamp will be complete.

light fixture

Comes with a standard plug-in light fixture with a switch on the cord. It has a matte black finish and cloth covered cord. For the best shadow casting, we recommend using a SORAA single source LED bulb like this one. Or if you want a less shadowy experience, use any standard LED bulb.
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